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How we help our clients

Our services are designed specially for Jewellery Collectors, NRIs, Overseas Residents looking to shop for jewellery in India and Families celebrating a wedding in the family.

Arundhati sources jewellery based on the specific requirements provided by each client via her network of reputed and trusted jewellers all over the country.

  • Saves you time and energy during the jewellery acquisition process.

  • Serves as a secure point-person for multiple transactions.

  • Introduces clients to design-led pieces from a growing tribe of jewellery artist.

  • Negotiates prices on behalf of the client and seeks the best value for your buy.

  • Helps consolidate your existing jewellery collection to enhance its intrinsic and aesthetic value.

+91 95818 22000

Sashaa Global LLP Ground Floor, 2A, Plot-15 Iindira Niwas, Avantikabai Gokhale Marg, New Bhatwadi, Ggirgaon, Mumbai City, Maharashtra, 400004

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